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Bombardier Challenger 601-3A

9 passengers, 3 crew, 3784 mile range, 41,000’ altitude, 528 mph



Luxury Passage proudly presents a great new opportunity

in leisure travel…


The Ultimate in Private Jet Travel will soon be available for moderately successful Individuals and their Families and Friends through the Luxury Passage Fractional Ownership Program in Bombardier Challenger Jets!

Imagine yourself and up to 8 others of your choosing in this graceful aircraft heading off to your favorite vacation spot.



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You can travel throughout all of these countries and MANY more by joining our program



Sound interesting so far?  If so, we have Five Very Important Questions for you to answer....

1. Honestly now, don’t you deserve a little slice of the Rich and Famous lifestyle after all your successful achievements thus far in your career?

2. Do you think you would enjoy taking your family or friends on Vacations using Your Own Challenger Jet complete with a flight attendant and Chauffeured Limousines?

3. Are you getting more and more annoyed at being required early airport check-ins, then delayed, scanned, x-rayed and patted down at passenger Security Screening Checkpoints?

4. In the back of your mind, are you getting more and more apprehensive about future Terrorist Acts against airline travelers?

5. Last, but certainly not least, are you just plain tired of being treated as "One of the Herd" when flying on airlines?

You may be thinking Private Jet travel is not within your financial reach, but you could be SERIOUSLY MISTAKEN!

If you answered "YES" to any of the five questions above and have become successful to about a $450K level of earnings per year, we can provide the ultimate REWARD you may very well want, need and deserve.  PLUS, we will provide it to you for your LIFETIME as well as the lifetime of your descendants and their descendants, and so on.  Joining our program will show to everyone who knows you that you "have indeed arrived" at a serious level of personal success!


(We promise we won’t tell your friends how reasonably priced this Luxury is…

that is, unless they want one, too!)

Program Highlights:

-          Affordability by sharing in the purchase and use of the aircraft, called Fractional Ownership

-          Affordability by sharing in the expense of operating the aircraft

-          Stretch limousine pick-up and return service from your home or office

-          Concierge travel planning service for your vacations

-          First year buy-in to aircraft is a one-time only event

-          Annual Service Charge each year thereafter

-          Includes 8 hours of actual flying time per fraction purchased

-          Much more affordable than private chartering of like aircraft types

-          Slightly more cost than 9 airline first-class seats

-          Way more prestige and comfort than other travel modes

-          Company business model structured so that “Everybody Wins”

All the above are provided as part of the program and at NO ADDED costs to you.


Additional flying hours are available at a very competitive rate.



Let us give you all the details:

Luxury Passage Incorporated will soon be conducting personal one-on-one Fractional Ownership Program orientations to prospective clients in the Indianapolis area, but we will also be expanding to other cities in the very near future. To place yourself on our interest list, please send us your information.  Future expansion will be in the metropolitan areas of the most indicated interest, so please tell all your friends to visit our site and complete an interest form if they want to also express an interest in leisure air travel at its best.  We look forward to hearing from all of you very soon!

Come join us in this Fantastic Opportunity



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