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About Us



Dave DeKoker

President / Founder


Bob Wohlstadter

Management Consultant


What Luxury Passage does:


OVERVIEW: Luxury Passage is an incorporated sales, service, and management company and is the parent company. We are presently seeking private investors to obtain a minimum of $300,000 as start-up capital. Following the attainment of start-up capital, we will begin our marketing campaign, selling Fractional Ownerships in Challenger large-sized private jet equipment. After aircraft are sold and placed into flight service, LPI will crew, maintain and oversee all flight operations for the Fractional Owners. Luxury Passage Incorporated is an Indiana corporation. The company offices and the initial aircraft will be based in Indianapolis.


If you are interested in joining our corporate team, please complete and send an interest form with the notation “Investor” in the comments section, or email us at your earliest convenience.



Your chauffeured limousine is waiting for you.

Meet the Principals:

David J. DeKoker

Robert S. Wohlstadter

Email us at: Jets@LuxuryPassage.net


Contact Information:

Luxury Passage Incorporated

8206 Rockville Road, Suite 151

Indianapolis, IN 46214


URL: www.LuxuryPassage.net

Email: Jets@LuxuryPassage.net

Please direct all inquiries to the attention of:

David J. DeKoker, President





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